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Workshop Synopsis

  • Voyage of Discovery workshop. Learn about the 5Ps I and E of individuals. Learn about the STARS types. Highlight personal viewpoints and their effect on how you live and work. Understand the effect of personal thinking modes and how to use the right modes to improve and achieve success. Learn how to better formulate aims and set goals.
  • Team TIMEWhirlpool © workshop. Building and motivating high performance teams. The 4Cs of teams. Understand the way to foster teamwork via the TIMEWhirlpool and improve team leadership.
  • Customer Satisfaction workshop. Understanding the customer, how to satisfy customer needs and exceed expectations.
  • Sustainable Improvement workshop. Building a sustainable improvement approach. The use of Team Based Business Design Improvement (TBBDI ©), assessment and Business Process mapping (BPM ©).
  • Creativity and Innovation workshop. Understanding the basis for creativity and innovation. Understanding individual creative strengths and weaknesses. Learning to apply individual and team methods to foster creativity and innovation.
  • Culture and enterprise excellence workshop. Understanding enterprise culture via its people. Cultural survey and feedback. Effect of culture on improvement and innovation. Effect on enterprise profit. Building a culture of enterprise excellence.
  • Product – project workshop. Understanding how to target products to customers. Building and delivering products that provide value and create profit. Reducing complexity in products.
  • Systems workshop. Learn how to use Systems Thinking. Understanding how assumptions create pitfalls and problems and how to avoid them. Understanding the way an enterprise functions (the theory of the enterprise) and how to adopt and adapt the theory to achieve desired outcomes. Applying scrutiny to systems thinking and the enterprise. 
  • Environment workshop. Introduction to environmental issues. Understanding through scanning the environment. Apply the 3Rs for better environmental outcomes

Workshop Times

Voyage of Discovery workshop  
1/2 Day 
Personal approach to leadership and management 
1 Day 
Team TIMEWhirlpool workshop 
1/2-1 Day 
Customer Satisfaction workshop 
1-2 Days 
Sustainable Improvement workshop 
1-3 Days 
Creativity and Innovation workshop 
1-2 Days 
Culture and Enterprise excellence workshop 
1-2 Days 
Product - Project workshop 
1-3 Days 
Systems and System Thinking workshop 
1 Day 
Environment workshop 
1-2 Days 

STARS Course at iSQI

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