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High performance team workshop

I was invited to Kuwait to run a STARS Team TIMEWhirlpool workshop. The aim was to facilitate a workshop for a group of women engineers in Kuwait. My host Eng. Bashayer Al-Awwad set up the workshop exclusively for Kuwait women engineers so they could learn modern methods of team formation (team building or growing depending upon your view), as well practical teamwork techniques. The event was sponsored by IEEE Kuwait section and I represented IEEE Region 8 Professional Activities in my role as a professional trainer and thought leader.

The workshop covered:

  • The individual - STARS personal theme in brief.
  • Thinking for individuals and in teams.
  • The impact of knowledge.
  • Differences between groups and teams.
  • What makes a team.
  • The 4 C's = vitamin C for teams.
  • The roles in a team. 
  • Edward DeBono's 6 Hats run the STARS way.
  • How shared goals in themselves are not the difference between a group and a team, but how the goals are set is! The STARS Team TIMEWhirlpool.
  • Prioritizing goals using the TIMEWhirlpool

The workshop met the serious fun criteria as the photos show! When participants enjoy themselves, they learn and remember more.

If you have interest in having a STARS workshops, contact me.


Feedback and photos

'Thank you Han, it was a pleasure taking this workshop and I like your book already.'  'I'll use the 4Cs and 6 hats.' Moneera Al-Fayyadh

'I loved the workshop, and the group, the roles part and 6 hats.' Razan Al-Duaj

'I'm happy with this training, the meaning of teamwork and how to work a member of a team'. Latifa Al-Jeeran

'I liked the 6 Hats and Timewhirlpool exercises'. Fatemah Al-Amdar

'Team roles in my work, will improve my team performance and achievement.' Omyma ALosaimi

The best thing was 'Friendly people, comfortable with the professor.' Fatma Al-Hamed

The best thing was 'Sharing thoughts and knowing how to build goals.' Shayma Al-Bannay

'I really enjoyed the workshop and would like to attend more workshops with you in the future.' Latifah Al Jeeran

The best thing was 'Everything!' Bashayer Al-Awwad

Click on the photos to zoom to a full size image.

Thanks for the enthusiastic participation

High performance women engineers at the STARS Team TIMEWhirlpool workshop

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