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STARS of PA Summit Jordan

I had the pleasure to visit Jordan as a visiting professor running an IEEE professional activities workshop at the Faculty of Prince Al-Hussein Bin Abdallah II for Information Technology, The Hashemite University, Zarqa, Jordan.

Zarqa lies just outside Amman the capital of Jordan.

My hosts were the IEEE Jordan section, GOLD and the IEEE Hashemite University Student Branch; and in particular Dr. Mohammad Salah, Dr. Mousa Al Akhras and Dr. Ibrahim Al Oqily who took good care of me in Jordan.

Thanks to Abdulrahman AlSaifi for the photos.

We had about 50 students and several Hashemite university lecturers participate in my STARS Throught Leaders and Personal excellence workshop at the PA Summit. Congratulations to the student branch for their excellent promotion!

This is one in a series of workshops I voluntarily do for the IEEE - the world's largest professional society. I am part of and sponsored by the IEEE Region 8 professional activities team.

Region 8 of IEEE covers Europe, Africa and the countries lying between Turkey  and Saudi Arabia. There are many active IEEE sections in this latter area, Jordan being one of the most active. Of personal interest to me was the high number of women engineering students in Jordan. I saw something similar in Kuwait when I was there last year. This participation of women in engineering is a very positive sign that engineering is seen as a beneficial profession in these countries and the percentage of women enrolled is the envy of university faculties in western Europe and also in countries like Australia and USA where the percentage of women enrolled is much lower.

I can only applaud this state of engagement by women as being very beneficial to the engineering profession as a whole and for these countries in particular.

In the photographs below you see the participation in the final exercise of the workshop, taken from the Certified Scrum Master course.

The workshop challenges participants about how they individually think and act. It illustrates how the way a person thinks influences both their behaviour and also how successful they can achieve specific outcomes. This is combined with team exercises using Scrum methods to promote team excellence.

The student participation and response was fantastic and I would like to thank the good doctors for their wonderful organization.      Han

Student teams at the end of the final STARS workshop exercise.

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