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Reach for the STARS

Leadership and management in the new millennium

STARS is a method for enterprise excellence with a human touch.

STARS is a personal approach to leadership, management and improvement. Han van Loon describes the personal attributes of people as Star types and how to copy their successful approach. The book describes the STARS concept, starting with personal achievement and improvement; through creating high performance teams and innovation; to ensuring enterprise excellence. Learn the simple, memorable means to lead and manage your way to personal success, team leadership and customer satisfaction. STARS eight themes cover personal, team, cultural, customer, product, systems, environmental, improvement and innovation leadership and management. STARS challenges your pre-conceived notions of management and leadership and is not for the faint-hearted or timid manager. A must for aspiring innovative managers looking for better methods.

ISBN 0-9758325-0-6.  Category: Business/Personal BISAC Codes: BUS041000, BUS071000 Onix code 06. Page Count: 470 pages  Format: B5   (@7x10")  Illustration: 100s of color and B&W photos, graphics.

Reviewer Quotes

  • A thought provoking insight into management skills for our time.
  • A clear, structured, interesting and witty book, designed for management.
  • How to woo staff and get great performance.


  • Business leaders and innovative managers.
  • Management aspirants.
  • Students of business administration including MBAs.

STARS in ASQ Quality Progress magazine

The following article about STARS was recently published in the American Society for Quality flagship magazine: Quality Progress.

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