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ISO 15504 Training - SPICE Training

We provide training courses for enterprises in ISO 15504 (SPICE). Training courses run from 1/2 day to 2 days.

The 1/2 day course introduces the ISO 15504 standard and what use and advantages it provides an enterprise wishing to assess and improve their processes. The 1 day course provides enough detail for assessment sponsors to understand the basic planning for an assessment and the expected results. The 2 day course provides an in-depth training in the details of the standard so that personnel can prepare their enterprise for assessments.

  • Document structure of ISO 15504
  • Structure of the ISO 15504 Reference Models

  • Process Dimension / Capability Dimension
  • Process Areas: Customer Supplier, Engineering, Support, Management, Organisation
  • Process Attributes and Capability Levels

  • The ISO 15504 Assessment Model and the Assessment Indicators

  • Base Practices and Generic Practices
  • Work Products and their characteristics

  • What is involved in a SPICE Assessment
  • Use of Assessments for Appraisals and Process Improvement
  • Variants - Automotive SPICE, SPICE for SPACE, Part 6: Systems
  • New developments in standardisation

The course can be combined with the Team Based Business Design Improvement (TBBDI©) workshop to start your enterprise rapidly upon the way to improved processes and better business results.

Use the published expert for your ISO 15504 needs!

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