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Reach for the STARS Hardcover
STARS Pocket Guidebook
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Process Assessment and ISO/IEC 15504
Process Asessment and Improvement


We are proud to offer innovative and informative printed and electronic publications.

Our books have been carefully researched and written by our principal: Han van Loon.

They represent both industry reference works in process assessment as well as the exciting new Reach for the STARS series of books.

In the coming months, we plan to make electronically available a series of shorter works at low cost. These represent state-of-the-art research and applications.

Book Titles

  1. Reach for the STARS. Leadership and management in the new millennium.
  2. Reach for the STARS. Pocket Guidebook
  3. Process Assessment and ISO/IEC 15504. A Reference Book.
  4. Process Assessment and Improvement. A Practical Guide.

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