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Process Assessment using ISO15504 and ISO33000

The Reference Book.


The 3rd edition of the Process Assessment Reference Book is out now on Amazon!

This edition introduces the new ISO33000 series.

At the same time the ISO15504 standard remains the most used in industry and the 3rd edition provides the latest updates to the standard.


ISO/IEC 33000 is a new series of standards consisting of 3 major sets of standards, the normative standards ISO 33001, 33002, 33003 and 33004 which specify how to define a process assessment model and method. The technical standards that provide the actual process measurement frameworks, process reference models, process assessment models and methods, including 33030, 33020, 33060, 33061, 33052, and 33072. The guides and supplements covering process improvement, process risk deteremination and the body of knowledge including 33010, 33014 and 33015.

The book describes the standard elements and how to interpret and use the new standards.


At the same time the 3rd edition updates the ISO/IEC 15504 standard description to cover part 7 (maturity model) and part 9 (Target Process Profiles). It also includes a comprehensive look at how to assess Agile methods like Scrum and Kanban. ISO/IEC 15504-6 has been heavily adopted in the construction industry since the 2nd edition was written, so the 3rd edition describes its use in this industry.


You can use this link to Amazon, or just search for Han van loon to see all my books published on Amazon.

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