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ISO 15504 Process assessment

Process assessment is a method to check the level of management, efficiency and effectiveness of work processes.

ISO/IEC 15504, also known as SPICE, is the international standard for process assessment.

It contains a Process Capability scale of 6 levels from 0 to 5, which demonstrate increased process effectiveness.

Big gains are achieved in specific projects going from level 0 to level 1, level 1 to level 2, and level 3 to level 4, and for an enterprise when going from level 2 to 3, and level 4 to level 5.

 The ISO 15504 as an assessment standard brings benefits to companies that use the standard for assessment the standard, and these benefits are multiplied when combined with a value-added target process profile. Leistungs Consult's principal has created a target process profile for a leading consortium in the construction industry and for the Space industry that reduces risk by improving process capability.

The two profiles for such different industries show that the method brings benefits for any business application. The principal is confident it can be used for other industries including IT, automotive, safety critical industries, software and IT development.

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