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IEEE STARS Knowledge Café 28.08.2007
QUATIC STARS Knowledge Café and workshop

IEEE STARS Knowledge Café

The IEEE STARS Knowledge Café took place on Tuesday 28 August 2007.

The topic was: The name of the game is Innovation.

We had an enthusiastic audience who were highly engaged in the conversations and freely shared their views on innovation. The summaries for each table are available to look at here on the web site and to download in more detailed form (zip file). Please feel welcome to share the information about the café.

And I really appreciate the people thoughtful enough to send me their feedback about the café. I am happy to learn and shape future events based upon your feedback. Some feedback comments I received follow.

I look forward to meeting many of you again at our next café event.

Han van Loon

The IEEE evening yesterday event on the topic of innovation was a great pleasure for me. This equally applies to our personal conversation and the input you provided to my questions as to the agenda and results of the café exercise. The setup allowed for intensive and rich discussions with people never met before. I have taken quite a number of inspiring take-aways with me. I hope to get at least some of the papers we produced also in electronic form. I think this is an efficient way to get to know new subjects and methodologies.

Peter Erne, UBS

Thanks a lot for your interesting workshop. It was a pleasure to exchange ideas with the highly motivated and open minded participants. I'm looking forward to your next Knowledge Café!

Markus Hofer, Smart Solutions

I enjoyed this event tremendously; the way it worked, an open exchange of opinions was possible, and there were many constructive discussions but no destructive criticism.

Hanspeter Schmid, Fach Hochschule NW Schweiz

In short it was a marvelous event.

Aparajeet K Das.

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