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Business Simulation

One of the challenges of training is business relevance.

Another challenge is to make the training enjoyable. Research has proven that people who enjoy something, learn more and get more from that thing.

As part of the STARS workshops, but also as a separate event, we offer a business simulation game that highlights the factors involved in successful business management. Aspects include:

  • Human intellectual capital and human development
  • Decision making styles
  • How a person's roles affect decision making
  • Knowledge sharing and knowledge management
  • The role of processes in business efficiency and effectiveness
  • Evaluating risk and intelligent use of opportunities
  • Individual competition and its effect on business
  • Team building and team competition

The event is serious fun! Participants compete to build the most successful business while learning about themselves and others in an enjoyable and useful manner.

We welcome inquiries about running a tailored business simulation as a training for your management and staff.

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